Wednesday, 17 October 2012

(Day 89) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 76 C-7

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
2 x 100 2 x 80 5 x 30

Breakfast 2 hard boiled eggs
soy milk
bread with sweet potato filling
Lunch kimchi
glass noodles & vegetables
soy bean stew
pasta salad (with apple and raisins)
soy bean, leek & chicken soup

One more week to go! I pray court goes in my favour and I really am here for only one more week.

I reluctantly got my exercises done this morning as soon as I woke up before breakfast. I skip the chair-lifts the last couple days because I think I pulled something last time. It seriously hurts my shoulder to do even a couple, so I thought I'd give it a rest. Doing only two reps of the others brings my time down to about 15 minutes, even if I rest a bit between sets and doing 80 push ups in about 2 minutes gets the heart rate up (and sore arms). If I could get rid of the last few inches of fat on my belly I'd be a happy man... even though I sound like a woman writing about my diet and exercise...

One thing about the Pakistani not eating chicken is I get two servings, which make up for the rice. I'd rather eat more veggies and protein than carbs.

A little bit of after hours excitement... After the lights went out at 10, I was drawing in the common area using the available light in the hallway. At about 11, I hear a ghostly moan like Marley in a Christmas Carol and shouts of "quick, quick, quick!" followed by the stampede of feet as guards and room supervisors all rushed to one of the cells at the end of our block. It seems one of the Chinese in another cell had suffered a heart attack (someone brought a P.A.D. with them) and died. The details are kind of sketchy right now and the personnel do not give out information easily, so it looks like we'll all have to wait until tomorrow's exercise period to find out all the juicy details. There haven't been any paramedics and no bodies have been wheeled out (like the Mongolian a month or so ago), so maybe no one died...