Wednesday, 12 September 2012

(Day 54) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 41

It's now Wednesday. The 2 Mongolians, Indonesian and Uzbekistan are gone. The Egyptian is still here. All that money and demands didn't do him much good.

Last night I had a strange dream that David Beckham saw my painting at N's brothers house in England and wanted to buy/commission a new painting. Victoria Beckham messaged me on Facebook, but I didn't really believe it was her, but they wired be 10,000 dollars so I could pay my fines leave the detention center and fly to LA to discuss what they were looking for. After the, consultation they gave me some studio space to use and I painted 2 paintings for them, as well the set of 3 that could be separate paintings or combined with the two I painted for the Beckhams for a series of 5. Of course, they bought the whole set for $100,000. Even though it was a dream, I woke up with the idea of three new paintings to make up the set. I called Z to check my Facebook messages to make sure it was a dream...

JO actually came to visit me today. That was pretty cool. In fact. it was one of the coolest things someone has done for me in a long time. Not to say I don't really appreciate the books JU and L sent me in the mail. That's also really cool, but to actually visit me in Buttfuck-Nowhere, South Korea is pretty cool. He also brought some more books, which if I read them all, will give me a university-level education in US and world history. He also brought me a very nice new hardcover sketchbook. It's nicer than anything I would buy for myself. I am now in no danger of running out of paper to write or draw on. I was down to writing on toilet paper rolls... almost...

I tried to have a nice conversation with the Egyptian who doesn't listen today. First, he said "David is a Jewish name so you must be a Jew" and then he told me I must be a criminal because I wasn't Muslim (and a Jew). The conversation soon turn into a shouting match (mostly me tell him to go fuck himself). He asked what I thought of Arabs and Muslims. I said I try not to listen to stereotypes and and remain open minded.

During the shouting though, I said I changed my mind and that all Arabs were terrorist suicide bombers and baby killers. As for this Egyptian in particular, he claimed all Muslim women must cover themselves because he couldn't control his sexual urges and that's why I must be a criminal because I saw nothing wrong with a woman "exposing" themselves. As for what I really think about him, he's an ignorant, close-minded fool. He's scared of women and his ideologies belong in the dark ages. I think Muslims fear education for women because if they ever get educated enough there'll be a revolution in the Muslim world and men would soon find themselves at the bottom of the proverbial ladder.

One thing I've noticed, maybe since I'm the only white Westerner here at the detention center, everybody calls me by my real name. Every other person, except maybe the Chinese, because there are so many of them, get called by the country they're from. And they're referred to that name by the guards, their caseworker, the other detainees and the vendors, but everybody here called me David.