Thursday, 2 May 2013

Back in the real world

I've been here 3 weeks now. I'm, not sure how I feel about that. I'm glad I'm not in jail, but I hate this fucking country. That's not true, I don't hate it. If I'm going to be forced to go to a particular country, Canada ain't a bad place to go...

However, here's what I've noticed:
Everything is really big. That is a cliche-- I know, but it's true. The sky isn't blocked by soul-crushing skyscrapers, the drugstore is bigger than emart, one person equals 3 Koreans, and the food portions match, but the drinks don't. This is the sucky part. Every where I go, a $3 pint costs $6. And if you even look a little like you abidded too much, no service. The litigation culture has ruined fun. I can't wait to get out of here to more lawless countries.

Coming back has allowed me to accomplish things I would not have been able to do in Thailand. I got a new bank account. I could have done that in any country, but in this country, they gave me a credit card, too because I've never had one, and I could set up internet banking with various websites without having to hand over all my Government ID numbers.

I got a drivers license after driving for so many years in Korea without one (cops would just wave me on when they saw I was white, so they could avoid testing their English skills in front of collegues). The catch 22 part is I can't take a road test for 1 year because of graduated licensing, so I have a learners permit at 40. I don't even know if I'll be here in a year, but other countries can't tell the the difference or give a shit if it's a full license it not.

I'm isolated. I live in the burbs with my mom. This is the shame. I'm not going to be bringing any girls home in the near future. I'm a 40 old man living with his mother in the middle of nowhere. It wouldn't be so bad if I lived in the city. The bus service sucks big time. On a good day, the bus comes every 30 minutes. No earlier. On a bad day, you just missed it, and the next bus is 1 hour later, because it's not rush hour. And the price! I could buy a beer with the money I spend every time I take a bus. The nearest store it's 3 km away. Thank god, the liquor store is right next to it, along with the Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, Mark's Work Warehouse, and Tim Horton's and the 10 acres of parking lot.

At least now, I can see the stars.