Sunday, 10 March 2013

(Day 233) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 138 D-18

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = March 3

I was so busy writing mom and Z, I never read the paper. So today, I have something to replace the god-awful TV. I also wrote so much in my letters, I got nothing left here. My hand hurts. Weekend entries always seem to be shorter... I wonder why, since I have less to do and take up my time.

There is one show on Sundays that I enjoy watching. It’s a singing contest where popular K-pop stars sing the hits of an artist from the past-- usually the 80's or 90's-- and that particular artist presiding over the performances. It’s like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber covering David Bowie songs while Bowie watches, except the younger artists will usually change the style. If it was originally a rock number, they might rearrange it as a ballad, for example. Then the audience votes for the artist and interpretation they like the best. Some of the performances are quite elaborate and I have a newfound respect for some of those K-pop stars. Some of them can sing really well. It's an interesting show.

 I wonder how well it would go over with Western audiences and musicians? I think getting some of the younger celebrities to sing would be hard with the clash of egos. The Korean celebrity culture is more geared to fun and group games, whereas Western individualism would see it as too much of a competition between egos. If you ever do see it on Western TV, you read about it here first.