Monday, 4 March 2013

(Day 227) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 132 D-24


fish cake & onion with gelatin
bok choi kimchi
cabbage, tofu & soybean soup

Meh. Two kinds of kimchi and a bland side dish with no meat. The soup was something other than just water and kimchi, so that’s something worth noting.
slimy seaweed soup
beef and cabbage

The beef and yogurt are the only decent thing about this meal. The rest is crap, and of course, the serving of beef is miniscule. One has to eat rice just to keep from starving.

I think the New York Times has a scam going with the crossword because Mondays always seem really easy. Yet, by the time we get to Saturday, it’s next to impossible unless you have a well-rounded and extensive education in the classics, Latin and whatnot. Today had a lot of pop culture references.

I still haven't been given a new menu for the month of March. Every meal time is a mystery. It’s actually a little better to expect the unexpected. That way even if it’s crap, it’s welcome crap instead of dreaded crap. By the 7th of March however, everything will start being repeated, so I can go back to dreading the upcoming meal. Now that I've written about the lack of a menu, I'll be sure to get one today, but as of 6pm no such luck.

Later, there is still no menu, but I got a calendar of what particular kind of bread is available to order on any particular day (the choices vary day to day). Most of it is sponge cake filled with cream or red bean paste or both. It’s gross. Like eating pizza with potato and corn on it-- only in Korea. However at this point, I’d eat any kind of pizza if it had tomato sauce and cheese, regardless of the corn or sweet potato.