Saturday, 2 March 2013

(Day 225) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 130 D-26


Lunchcucumber kimchi
yellow radish
hard boiled egg
noodles & fish cake in hot water

WTF? Are they trying to starve us? Terrible lunch. Bland and insubstantial. This isn't a case of being hungry ½ hour after eating. This is a case of being hungry as I eat and still being hungry after I finish.
Dinner rice & kimchi
soy bean, cabbage & tofu soup
sausage in sweet sauce
bean sprout kimchi

I ate the rice this time because I was still starving from lunch, but I will never be a big fan of more than one kind of kimchi. It’s overkill.

The movie tonight is Battleship... Really? How many movies were released in English last year? Why choose one of the worst? They only show 52 movies in any language during the whole year. Why does one of them have to be a steaming pile of shit? Surely there are some better choices than Battleship. Of course, I'll watch it. What choice do I have? 4 blank walls or Battleship? It could be argued that the 4 walls are the better choice.