Saturday, 2 February 2013

(Day 196) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 101 D-55


Breakfast coffee
Lunch kimchi
shredded slimy seaweed
potato pasta soup
Not off to a good start. The soup is not bad and the yogurt is welcome, but kimchi is standard and shredded slimy seaweed? Blech...
Dinner kimchi
slimy seaweed soup
blood sausage
fish & rice cake in red pepper sauce

First raw slimy seaweed for lunch, now boiled in soup— double blech. I just threw the soup in the toilet. That’s where it would have ended up in a few hours anyway. I just saved my guts the hassle

New month, new menu, new things to complain about-- with purpose!

I got the international edition of the New York Times today. It's paired with a Korean newspaper, too, which is much better than the Korea Times. I wish I had gotten this paper a couple of months ago. I feel almost connected to the rest of the world again.

With all the books P & A brought me, plus the 2 newspapers, I have plenty to read during the next 2 months, which is great for my boredom and sanity, but very detrimental to my creative output. All this reading gives me little time to write or draw. I will have to discipline and regulate myself to a schedule now in order to get anything done. Hardly the worst position to find one's self in jail...

I wrote my mini-essay for Mr. Kim to translate for the contest. He said it was very good. If I win a prize, I'll post it. The contest winners will be announced February 21st.