Sunday, 20 January 2013

(Day 183) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 88 D-68

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = January 5

Today's deep thought: the importance of a toothbrush when the zombie apocalypse comes. There will be no dentist easily available...

Do zombies have souls? What happens to the souls of people who turn into zombies? Do they go to heaven or hell or purgatory or do they remain attached to the zombie until it's permanently dead? And before anyone says it doesn't matter because zombies don't exist, the same could be said about God and if one accepts the existence of God, then they have to be willing to accept the existence of all supernatural and fictional phenomenal. It would be hypocritical to pick and choose what you want to believe when the entire system is a matter of faith.

At least I'm safe from all that in my prison cell. If there is a sudden zombie outbreak, I’ll starve to death with no one around to feed me, but I won't be eaten by zombies. Unless they learn how to press the buttons to open the cell doors and if they make it through all the barred gates to get here.
And what if war between the North and South happens to break out while I'm here? What then? That's much more likely than a zombie apocalypse...

Sometimes, when I'm shaving with my electric razor made by the Korean Prison Industries (like my shoes, socks, underwear, pants, jackets and blankets), I feel like my beard is growing in faster than the razor is capable of cutting it. Especially when the batteries are low (there’s no cord, so I can't hang myself). The little blades oscillating under the foil sound like they're about to give up under the pressure of cutting my white boy hair. They never had to deal with this when they were cutting the con man’s hair once a month, but this everyday shit-- no razor should have to put up with this-- it’s undignified. When the blade are no longer laboring, that's how I know that I've shaved as close as I can get it, although I still seem to have a5 o'clock shadow. It’s a good thing batteries are cheap because they don't last that long when you use them every day for at least 15 minutes per day.

That didn't take long to train the workers that I don't want rice, but I'm fine with the “spicy” kimchi and watery soup. If anything, it's not spicy or salty enough and I'd rather eat more of strong tasting vegetables than the bland tasting lump of carbohydrates they call rice. Yet, they are surprised because the Korean propaganda machine has fed them this lie that only Koreans eat spicy food... using only one kind of pepper imported from South America when the Portuguese brought it to Japan in the 1600s. Even the (yellow) curry Koreans eat is only of one variety that happens to be the least spicy variety of all and Thailand and  India are a lot closer than South America.

Tonight's movie was Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Kind of appropriate with all my talk about God lately. Nicolas Cage plays it way over the top this time. It's humorous how campy he plays it and the special effects are much better.

I've been locked up for exactly 6 months as of today. Half a year gone-- it's surreal.