Friday, 23 November 2012

(Day 126) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 31 D-125

sit-ups jogging chair-lifts
100 10 min 100
Breakfast, lunch & dinner = November 2

I've been here a month now. Only 4 more to go. I hope they go as quickly as this one seemed to.
Today is Friday. I tried to order some snacks with the hope I would receive them today. No such luck. I should have known as much, considering it takes 2 business days to get anything else. I threw in a couple boxes of coffee for good measure even though Mr K just bought me a box. Kevin, the inmate worker I met way back in March, just brought me a pair of running shoes. I could have bought some but I didn't see much point in buying a pair of shoes I would wear for only one hour a day for 4 months, just to throw them away when I leave. They are an expense I can't afford or need. However, Kevin says they’re a Christmas present. Why did I meet all the nice Koreans in jail? They're making it difficult for me to spout my usual venom, but then I just have to remember the box of coffee I'm sold for the pictures and it all comes flooding back.

I've been neglecting my novel writing this week, but I don't feel too guilty about it because I drew three pictures instead. I gave one of them to Mr K so he would have my email address and because he's been so kind to me. It's the only way I know how to repay him.

Still no mail from my mom, so I haven't been able to send mail to Z either, because I don’t have her address. My mom’s address was written in my passport, so that’s why I was able to write her. No visits from any friends, but maybe JU will come tomorrow. I understand having no visitors though. Everybody is busy working and it takes a couple hours to visit. When you only have a limited time to do things in your own life, going to a prison is really the last thing you want to be doing on your day off.