Friday, 19 October 2012

(Day 91) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 78 C-5

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
2 x 100 2  70 + 60 5 x 40

Breakfast 2 hard boiled eggs
soy milk
bread with apple filling
Lunch kimchi
slimy seaweed & egg in hot water
potato salad
seafood & noodle soup

One of the things I miss the most, other than women and food, is news. I watch the news in Korean everyday, but I have no idea what's going-- on some sort of election in the US, fires in California, crops destroyed by rain...  but nothing important-- like who has the latest sex scandal tape--  including footage and screen grabs, of course.

Some things I won't miss-- K-dramas, rice and kimchi, hordes of horking men, sharing a bathroom or sleeping amongst a dozen or more sleeping, kimchi farting, TV remote stealing, room pacing, foreign language swearing, incapable of speaking with any volume control, rude, inconsiderate, selfish men. I expect to encounter people like this all my life-- just not all at the same time, in the same place, ever again.

The TV remote Nazi and the Pakistani went home this morning. Another Chinese was more than happy to take over the channel flipping duties. He's watching men fish, which is not much better than K-dramas, but it's better than watching girls cry and men yell.

Another type a TV show that really bothers me are the shows asking for charity for the third world. They always say that one percent of the income of people in first world countries would be enough to save the third world. Why not ask the one percent of the population that have all the money like Apple or Chevron? Why are you begging for money from the middle class who can barely maintain their middle class status as it is?

It's Friday at ye olde detention center, so our current cell population going into the weekend is 16 men, as follows: 1 Canadian, 2 Thais, 2 Vietnamese, 1 Egyptian, 1 Uzbekistan, 1 Kyrgyzstan, and 8 Chinese. The Chinese in this room aren't as bad as the others I've encountered. Other than the TV remote Nazi who is now gone, these are pretty decent bunch. There are the usual complainers, but they're not bitter and angry all the time like the ones who walk or yell or shower 3 times a day. The older Chinese-Koreans that are usually assholes, are actually kind of mellow and the fisherman seem resigned to their fate-- just sleeping or playing cards until they are sent home.