Wednesday, 31 October 2012

(Day 103) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 8 D-148

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
50 x 1 50 x 1 40 x 1

Breakfast soy milk & apple
Lunch rice & radish kimchi
kimchi soup
dried seaweed
marinated beef with cabbage and glass noodles
Dinnerrice & kimchi
cucumber kimchi
slimy seaweed in hot water
rice cake & pork

Happy Halloween! This year, I decided to go as a prisoner of the Korean justice system. How do you like my costume? Pretty authentic, eh?

I should be getting the first of my purchases today. That will be the highlight of my day until Tuesday when I get the last of my purchases that way I will order on Friday. That won't be that special. It’s only batteries for my electric razor. Today however, I'll get a new watch, skin lotion and toilet paper! I'll finally know what time it is. I can even make a schedule of my day and then I won't need a watch anymore. The TV will turn on and I'll know its 2 p.m. because my schedule and watch will have told me that. This would have been so much easier, and cheaper, if they just lent me a watch for 24 hours. Although now, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can see how much longer I have to pretend to sleep until morning roll call...

For some reason, now that I don't smoke or drink, eat a healthy meal at least twice a day and exercise regularly, my skin has become very, very dry, hence the skin lotion. And finally TP ain’t free. I wonder what happens to prisoners with no money who run out. What do they wipe their ass with? Maybe I'm just an idiot and bought the premium brand instead of just asking for the generic stuff. Tomorrow, I'll finally get my daily newspaper delivered, as well as some letter paper and some new notebooks. I've almost used up the ones L sent me in September and I started writing a sci-fi novel.

Tomorrow, I'll write a letter to my mom and Z, but I won't be able to mail them until next Monday, because I can't order envelopes until tomorrow and they won't be delivered to me until then.

I was able to take a shower after the exercise session today. It was awesome. Soap. Hot water. Next week, I'll even have a change of clothes.

I totally neglected my exercise this morning and I had a killer headache starting around 3 this afternoon until late evening.