Wednesday, 26 September 2012

(Day 68) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 55 C-28

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
1 x 100 1 x 30 2 x 30, 1 x 40

Breakfast 2 hard boiled eggs
soy milk
caramel flavoured bread
Lunch rice
spicy chicken soup
2 pieces of fish
fried chicken
veggies in hot water

is there some sort of cutoff age for being kind and considerate and being an asshole?

Chinese who walks and the Chinese who yells are both being nice to the Russian kid. Showing him where to put his mattress, what to do at roll call and meal time, giving him advice... To every other detainee that has joined our cell since I've been here, they have ignored, if not been downright rude and outright hostile. Of course, everybody is being nice to the kid because he's a kid, but why not be nice to everyone?

I would assume it's the first time in an immigration detention center for everyone. Since they are deported out of the country, the likelihood of being here again is small, if not non-existent. We could all use some friendly advice about where to put our bedding and what to do at roll call and meal times. I've changed cells enough times, I just demand where I should go, instead of asking politely and most people have heard of the Canadian in their midst, so I don't need to go around introducing myself or making friends.

Talked to L today. I've had a really hard time getting a hold of her lately. A simple explanation-- she was getting shagged. So, we talked about the benefits of shagging members of the same age and culture. Mainly no pretense and fewer misunderstandings. It is what it is and nothing gets lost in translation, figuratively and literally. Good for her.

Been a pretty uneventful day. The Russian kid is still here. The Chinese who walks and the Chinese who yells are still rude and inconsiderate (to be fair, the other Chinese are okay...) And Mr. Asshole the guard is working the night shift again.