Wednesday, 29 August 2012

(Day 40) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 27

Another day, another step closer to freedom... Although, I have no idea how many more steps, since I don't know when any of my court dates are or how lenient the judges will be, but one must remain positive.

The two Mongolian residents from my cell went home this morning, so we'll probably have a new resident by this evening and most likely Chinese.

I finally finished both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. Homosexuality, specifically between men as well as bestiality with women is only mentioned 6 times, but being a good subservient wife, as well as how to be a good slave is mentioned in nearly every chapter (33 times), especially in the New Testament. With this in mind, I'm amazed how fond Christians/ politicians are of pointing out how wrong homosexuality is, but they never point out how wrong feminism, freedom and individualism is. And what's up with bestiality and women? Was there a big problem in ancient times of women turning to animals to satisfy their sexual urges? It's obvious that the Bible was written by really, sexually oppressed men who really could have used Freud's help. My real point is, if politicians and fundamentalists are going to use a somewhat obscure reference to prove their point, then they should have to use and take all the other references the Bible makes as well. As it is mentioned so often, anybody who takes one part of Lord's teaching and rejects the rest, is not really following the word or law of God and is therefore a sinner as bad as the worst sinner and anybody who follows these false prophets is also doomed to hell. Now that my understanding and knowledge of the Bible is so much better, when I get out of here, my conversations/arguments with religious nuts are going to be so much more fun.

Still no visit from JA and no confirmation of any packages being delivered from JU, so unless I get a surprise visit from JA or JO tomorrow, it looks like I'll be going into the weekend with nothing to read. This weekend will also mark my one month detention here. I've been locked up for nearly six weeks now. The last month went by really fast. I got P's number with Z's help, so now I can check up on Guinness and get L's number, too. Maybe I can get the two of them to donate some books.