Sunday, 26 August 2012

(Day 36) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 23

At this point, being here is just a waste of time. Since I was supposed to be serving time in jail since the 22nd, by Monday, I will have spent five extra days here that I didn't need to spend. I fully intend to make some noise about this. I don't mind doing my time for my crime but I don't want to do anymore time than I have to. Sitting here at the whim of bureaucrat is bullshit, yet even as I write this, I know it's true for every government in the world.

I did absolutely nothing today but sit in bed and draw. No writing or reading. I finished all my books. Feeling pretty low. Maybe I'll feel better this evening. I'd watch TV, but I'm outnumbered by people who understand Korean and want to watch stupid game shows or even worse, stupid dramas.

Lunch was hardly worth eating, so I didn't and dinner wasn't much better. Going to bed hungry tonight.