Friday, 24 August 2012

(Day 34) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 21

I still haven't been transferred. The worst part is not even the waiting, but the not knowing. It seems like in Korea, you never know what's happening until it happens. One of the greatest complaints of English teachers is un-informed schedule changes. Apparently, the Koreans know for months what is happening, but no one ever tells the foreigner and then Koreans are surprised when we get pissed off.

The Filipino went home a few days ago, he was replaced by a Chinese. One of the other Chinese left this morning, he was also replaced this afternoon by a Vietnamese. The Vietnamese kid was finally released today. It turns out he had a valid work visa the whole time, but was falsely accused of doing drugs. Drug tests were negative and no drugs were found at his apartment. After he was released from jail, he was picked up by Immigration and since they had no grounds to hold him, he was finally released today. Apparently, rumor has it, that because he was falsely accused, imprisoned and detained by Immigration, he is going to be monetarily compensated for the six months he was held. He's looking at close to $8000 in compensation. If its true, good for him. Score one for the little guy. If only I could be so lucky.
I'm almost finished all the books JU sent. I'll have to go back to the Bible soon. I still have a couple hundred pages to finish in that, but it's slow going and rather dull.

Nothing much else happen today. Other than the waking up and going to bed early, today was pretty uneventful although the day isn't over to just yet.