Monday, 20 August 2012

(Day 31) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 18

I've been locked up for exactly one month now. In two more days, I may be transferred back to prison for a couple weeks to serve the remainder of 1 sentence. Only three more sentences to go. I started doing jail house exercises a couple days ago. I've already seen an improvement in my endurance, although that could be from lack of cigarettes, too. At night, I lie on my back and lift my legs for 40 reps. In the morning, I do 5 sit-ups 10 push-ups and 10 chair-lifts (my back to the bench, supporting myself with my arms, legs extended in front and lifting my body with my arms off the floor) 4 times, so 40 of each. This morning, I ended with an additional 60 sit-ups!  No washboard stomach yet, but I can feel the burn and the beer gut is gone. Maybe we can call this is David's guide to a clean and healthy body for less than $150 in 2 months, guaranteed! its simple. Go find a native in any country you're in, punch him out and don't pay the fine. They'll throw you in jail for 40 days (in Korea), feed you a vegetarian diet, you won't be able to smoke and or drink and you have nothing better to do, but sit-ups and push-ups all day. I guarantee you'll come out healthier. It's really a health club for poor people. The $150 is for the guide and luxuries, like an English language newspaper, a comb, a watch, maybe a pen and some paper. Other than this illustrated guide and the optional luxuries mentioned above, your entire program-- all food clothing and accommodation, is provided for free courtesy of the Korean government.

Finally got access to my books from JU. Dude has got some good taste. Not books I would normally get for myself, I usually read pulp, but all good literary works. Check my list to see what I got. Should last me the week at least. Or maybe not. I already finished one book (only 250 pages). There is some rejoicing amongst the other English speaking detainees because they too, now have something else read other than the Bible.

I feel a sense of pity for quite a few the detainees here. A lot of them have had Korean girlfriends and did the Korean thing of letting them take care of their finances. She tried to do that with me when we first got married, I shut that idea down pretty quick. If she wanted to control over more money than I gave to her for an allowance, she could go get a fucking job... anyway, quite a few of the guys here were turned in by their girlfriends and now have no money or access to any of their money because they did things the Korean way. Now, they're stuck here being screwed by the very people they turned to, to live a better life.

They worked hard in 3D jobs ( dirty, dangerous, difficult), doing work Koreans don't want, making shit wages, only to have all their money stolen from them and kicked out of the country. Quite often, other friends and family from homes in poor countries, are paying for it. It's quite a scam and unfortunately it doesn't surprise me at all that it's happening here in Korea. I'm sure shit like this happens all over the world, but at this point, I almost expect it here. I'd be surprised if it didn't happen. And a lot of these people come from countries that aren't as influential as Canada, so no one gives a shit. They're not white or speak English as a first language.

I often feel while I've been locked up that Koreans have been harassed and surprised by so many countries for so long throughout history, that they like to shove it in our faces that they are now in control. It's like an entire nation with "small man" syndrome. I get that feeling by the way they present themselves on the world stage, in the media as well. It's sad and I feel sorry for the whole country. I hope they can evolve. I think they can but it would take another generation or two. They still get fed a lot of ridiculous propaganda from early age. I think a lot of Westerners would be shocked to hear some of the things I've heard kindergarten and elementary students say. Their parents are younger than me and usually University-educated so they're not exactly as sheltered or as ignorant as their forefathers may have been. I know that sounds very arrogant, ignorant and racist myself, but it's just an observation. I'm a hypocrite, as my disclaimer states. As a Canadian, I don't go around spouting how great Canada is at every opportunity, although I'm sure there are some Canadians who do exactly that.