Saturday, 18 August 2012

(Day 29) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 16

The Nigerian and Pakistani got into a yelling match this morning. No one understood it but me because they were yelling in English and it broke down to two grown men yelling "shut up!" "No, you shut up!" back and forth for a couple minutes. It was kind of comical really. I get both points of view and both of them were both right and wrong. Other than that, there's not much going on. Its Saturday, so we have the weekend guard shift and no activities or schedule. I already drew  a picture today (22+ since July 20th), so unless another brilliant idea pops into my head, I'll spend the day watching TV, napping and reading. Not much else to do to pass the time...

I wrote a brief autobiographical story today. People are always telling me what an interesting life I seem to have led. I don't feel like that, but perhaps people find my story is interesting anyway. I don't like being judged the wrong way, but I understand the concept of misjudging others-- is it okay to just not like people because I think they're fools?