Wednesday, 15 August 2012

(Day 26) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 13

Today is Korea's Independence Day, so everything is on a holiday schedule, even though it's Wednesday. That means nothing is happening.

I called my mom today. We talked about Dickens. Literature is one of her great loves, so it's nice to have conversations about such intellectual pursuits. Z went home today so I missed talking to her. They went to the bookstore the other day and Z chose Catcher in the Rye as for book purchase. Truly, she is her father's daughter. I may not have spent as much time with her as I would have liked, but she is like me in so many ways, it's obvious we are related. The tz genes are strong in this one.

On Monday JU said he would mail me a bunch of books. I hope they arrive tomorrow. All I have to read is the Bible, and the Psalms and Proverbs are pretty dry reading. They basically say the same thing over and over again for 200 pages using different terminology and sentence structure. The Psalms are all prayers about how great God is. Proverbs talks about what wisdom is. For 36 pages. To me, wisdom is getting your point across in the least amount of words. Psalms basically says "praise God for He is great" 150 times. For all you Pulp Fiction fans, Psalm 23 is for you.

Really getting tired of rice and kimchi and soup everyday. Nobody here is Korean so why do they serve us food everybody hates? Most of the rice and kimchi gets dumped in the slop bucket anyway. Not even the Chinese eat it and according to stereotype, they'll eat anything. I'm so sick of it, I didn't even bother eating dinner tonight. I really, really would rather starve than eat that shit one more time and I think I'll do exactly that. If they ask why, I'll tell them it's the same as serving bread and water everyday at every meal. And in reality, it really is the same. Plain rice has the same nutrients as plain bread and soup made from water is-- water. Kimchi maybe a staple to Koreans, but to me, its eating rotting cabbage that uses red peppers to cover up the rot. Even if you took one food from every ethnic group detained here, it would be more variety than what is served every day. Everybody here hates the food and only eat it because they have no choice.