Monday, 30 July 2012

July 30th, 2012 Day 10

Monday’s here. Hopefully, today is the day I find out if I’m going to spend the next 70 days locked up or give in my day in court and/or deported. So far, the day has been uneventful. The usual watery turnips soup actually had pieces of meat in, so that was kind of nice. I read that NASA has a kitchen staff devoted to making meals for the mission to Mars. They have over 100 different vegetarian options because they feel variety is important to moral. I think they should just send Koreans, then they would only need 59 unique items and they would get 21 meals out of it and the Korean astronauts would happily eat the same weekly menu for a month, every month. Really, all you need to send with them is rice, kimchi and water. It reminds me of a friend he was going to write a cookbook about 1001 ways to cook Kraft dinner. NASA doesn’t need 100 different recipe options; they need people who have never eaten food outside the ethnic group.