Monday, 12 March 2012

Girls II

When I was released, I called the girl I was with just before I was locked up. She was worried. The last time she saw was more than a week earlier as I was being dragged away. We made a date for the evening, but she cancelled due to ill health. Another girl texted me and I end of spending the week with her instead.

About a week later. The now-not-sick girl texted me at 2 in the morning on a Sunday.

Come to Hollywood

Now? Why? I'm in bed. If I wanted a beer, I just have to go to the fridge...

If you don't come, you'll never see me again...

Why? Are you leaving the country? I have to get dressed. If I come, are you buying the beer?

Sure, I can do that.

So, I get dressed (which really is just a matter of putting on shoes and a coat) and head out. The girl I'm about to meet is a very young Korean. Cute as hell, but really just a little girl, barely older than my teenage daughter. I get to the bar and she's as drunk as a skunk. She's killing time at Hollywood until the subway runs again at 5:30 am. Essentially, all I'm there to do is babysit her until then. I tried (half-hearted) to just get her to come to my house to wait for the train, but she was having none of that. I was too much of a "bad boy" and if we did that, she wasn't sure she could remain a "pure" Korean girl. Typically, at least in my experience, every Korean girl tells me she's a virgin. It was bullshit with my wife (she told me she only had one boyfriend before me, but what she meant, she had had only one serious relationship, but slept with lots of other men before me... took years to get that info out her), the girls before her, and bullshit with this one, too. Normally, after my wife, I wouldn't even bother with a Korean. If you think I have a lot of baggage, it's nothing compared to the idiosyncrasies  of the "typical" Korean woman. However, this one was pretty good looking and in my sorry state of mind and her drunkenness, would have been a good notch on the belt. Alas, it was not meant to be...

Anyway, we ended up just talking at the bar for a few hours. She had just quit her job at another bar and was preparing to go back to university the next day to study fashion design. The university was in a different city, which is why I would "never" see her again. I saw her off to the subway, and I'm sure if she's ever in the area again, I'll probably hear from her again. I'm not holding my breath over this one, I'm too infatuated with someone else.